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Liability Insurance

Safeguard Your Business with Public and Products Liability Insurance

Every business owner wants to protect their investment. Public and Products Liability Insurance (PLI) plays a crucial role in achieving this by safeguarding your business from financial losses arising from third-party claims.

PLI offers comprehensive coverage for two key areas:

  • Public Liability: This protects your business if a third party (someone other than an employee) suffers bodily injury, property damage, or even death due to an incident on your premises or as a result of your negligence. For example, if a customer slips and falls on your wet floor or a delivery driver damages a client’s property, PLI can help cover the associated costs.
  • Products Liability: This protects your business from claims arising from defects in products you design, manufacture, distribute, import, or even repair. If a product you sell malfunctions and causes injury or property damage, PLI can assist with legal and financial repercussions.

PLI goes beyond simply paying out claims. It can also cover:

  • Investigation costs: If an incident occurs, PLI can help cover the costs associated with investigating the cause.
  • Legal and expert fees: In the event of a lawsuit, PLI can assist with legal defense costs and fees for expert witnesses, if needed.
  • Court costs: PLI can help cover any court fees associated with a covered claim.

Benefits of Liability Insurance

Invest in Your Business Security

Public and Products Liability Insurance is an essential investment for all businesses. By understanding what PLI covers and its various benefits, you can make an informed decision about protecting your company’s future.

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