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M&R Insurance Brokers

Committed to Ethical Insurance Brokerage Practices

M&R is a proud member of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) and adheres to the high standards set by the 2022 Insurance Brokers Code of Practice (Code). This Code ensures we prioritize your needs throughout the insurance journey.

Here’s how the Code guides our actions:

  • Putting your needs first: We prioritise your interests when recommending and managing your insurance policies.
  • Open communication: We clearly explain your coverage options and keep you informed throughout the process.
  • Treating everyone fairly: We offer professional service to potential clients, existing clients, and beneficiaries named in your policies.
  • Collaboration within the industry: We work ethically with other brokers, insurers, and industry professionals.
  • Upholding regulations: We comply with all relevant regulations and cooperate with regulatory bodies.

Resolving Your Concerns:
We are committed to providing excellent service. However, if you’re ever unhappy with our services covered by the Code, you can make a complaint through our Feedback and Complaints Policy (available on our website).

Reporting Breaches:
Anyone can report suspected breaches of the Code to the Insurance Broker Code Compliance Committee (IBCCC).

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By choosing M&R, you choose an insurance broker committed to ethical practices and exceptional service.